Sunday, April 01, 2007

I am sick.

I think it's allergies.. even though I've never had allergies before, this seems to fit the symptoms.

Either that or it's a raging cold that coincidentally gets worse with any exposure to the outside world, and all the pollen contained therein.

..So I'm sniffling and sneezing, coughing and peeing myself (yes, I know that one's not cold-related, but it's still one more irritation I'm blaming on this sickness) .. and I'm fucking miserable.

BUT.. I don't have anything to take.

This afternoon, I set out to find what medications are safe to take during pregnancy.

Had a little trouble with that.

Found a few things that were 'probably safe' but nothing that screamed out 'definitely safe'.

Oh hell... now what?

Well, now I just refuse to take anything.

I think it's an IF side effect. Even the stuff that my friends have been assured is 'safe in pregnancy' is not safe enough for me. It feels like a risk, and any perceived risk is not one I'm willing to take.

I suppose I could call my OB tomorrow and beg for relief.. I could dig up the pregnancy handbook they gave me and look for the list of acceptable meds..

.. but then I'd worry.

Everything makes me worry.

90% of it is baseless worry, but I still can't shake it.

'S ok - a cold can only last so long, right?

I mean, yeah, allergies can last for a while, but wouldn't I get used to them after the first month or three?


the nude uterus said...

Oh, bring it on, girl! Its this damn area! This is our first spring here & OH are we in pollen HELL!
I hear ya, though, on the worrysome "probably safe while pregz" fear. I thought ours were colds we just kept passing around. Not so says the wise doc. Stupid area. Stupid pollen.

Marie-Baguette said...

I read that pregnancy can make your sinus more congested than usual. If you don't want to take drugs, my advice would be: 1. use a humidifier at night (somehow it helps with the congestion). 2. burn eucalyptus oil. Yes, I know it all sounds very New Age-y, but it does help. 3. Use saline water to clean your nose and sinuses. Yeah gross, but it helps somewhat. However if your allergies start to go out of control and you develop asthma, you should get drugs. Good luck!