Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm 'very thin' !!

I had my mid-cycle ultrasound today. Dr No-Humor had an emergency so I got to see Doc Paranoia today, which is just fine with me - I like 'em both (even if one of them never seems to get my jokes, and the other always seems to be worried).

Doc P wasn't too worried today, although he did discuss the merits of reducing my clomid dose again. This month I had five follicles, and he thought that was pushing his comfort limit. I was aiming for three or four, so five didn't look too darn bad to me. I pointed out that we had bad sperm so chances are we wouldn't get more than two or three of 'em to finish the race, even using IUI to drop 'em off halfway to the goal. He didn't look too convinced but he's ok with five, so we're staying with 50mg next month, although we're adding a new pill just in case I'm not wonky enough from the clomid.

'Cause, you know, no ultrasound would be complete without something being off in there... this month, it's my uterine lining. I don't know exactly what it's supposed to look like, but mine is 'very thin'. I got pretty excited about that - I mean, it's rare to hear any part of me referred to as "very thin". What's that? It's not supposed to be a compliment? Eh, I'll take it anyway. The upshot of that is that next month we're adding estrogen to my daily dosing. Doc P says he doubts it will make a difference (really, he is such a worrier!), but it can't hurt so we're going with it. If my lining isn't any better next month, we'll reduce to 25mg of clomid (although, really, since this is the lowest dose of clomid I've been on, and the only time it's been a problem, I'm not too worried about next cycle. Man, I hope those words don't come back to bite me in the ass in a few weeks).

All in all, not a bad day. I took Grape to the zoo with his g'parents after my appointment, and he exhausted himself so much that he took one of his rare naps, so I got to shop with my mom. She bought me some very cute shirts that I hope will be way too small for me very, very soon.

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