Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Letter to my sMIL

Dear StepMIL,

Thanks for the great email yesterday. How nice of you to tell me that since Grape is out of diapers and officially a big boy, I can now - how did you put it? Oh yeah, "get a short break and (be) truly ready for #2". I just wish I'd known sooner that teaching my child the joys of toiletry was all that was holding me back. You should have told me about this months ago, before I miscarried the baby that "just wasn't meant to be". Who knew that potty-training would make it "meant to be"?

affectionately yours,
(the same one whose marriage you referred to as "a mistake")

* I'll work on an explanation of the whole situation, but for now, I'm thinking this says enough.

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Erin said...

Ouch. I think it's something about having a child at this age, though Grape is about 5 months older than P. When, during my parents' recent visit, I made a comment about P not being a baby anymore, my mom's well-thought out response was "This is about the time that people do start wanting another baby!" Yeah, Mom, you know we've been trying (and failing) to have another baby for nearly two years now. What makes you think that was a reasonable comment to say?