Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Infertility and religion

This one's a sticky subject for me. I was raised in one of those religions that had pretty strict views on conception. You know the kind - birth control bad, abortion worse, that kinda stuff. It was pretty obvious my religion considered babies a gift from the guy upstairs, and that not accepting one you'd been gifted with was the ultimate breach in spiritual etiquette. Quite possibly worth a one-way ticket to a really warm eternity. So I kinda get the whole "Gift from God" mindset, whether or not I agree with all the specifics. A lot of people do honestly believe that there's a Supreme Being (let's just call him/her "God" for simplicity's sake) out there who is so involved in the day-to-day operations of life that S/He is handing out babies individually.

Which raises a really good question.

If some people are "blessed" to be fertile, are infertiles cursed? It really is a well-known fact that crack ho's and baby beaters have some serious fertility mojo. It's also a well-known fact (to me at least) that some of the best parents out there can't create a child biologically. Many others can't create one "naturally" (I hate-hate-hate that term, but that's a whole 'nother topic). So, it just doesn't make sense to me that crack-ho's are 'blessed' and some really great parents-in-waiting are not. God, if you read blogs, I'd like to know the criteria you use to select the recipients of your 'blessings'. Give me some direction here so I can work on my fertility mojo, ok? I'd also like to share that knowledge with some other really great moms, so you see, it's not an entirely selfish request.

Otherwise, I may just have to ask one of the blessed what their secret is.

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ms. c said...

Ha! I like the use of "crack-ho". You are so right.
And, like you mentioned on my blog, I can see why mid-cycle monitoring while on clomid would freak you out! Good to hear that you are doing ok, and that August might be a go for you.
Thanks for visiting me! I'll be back here for sure.