Friday, June 23, 2006

Food. Again.

I started my clomid (again) last night. It's only 50mg, and I'm worried it won't be enough (not that it matters much since this month is just a trial to see if it works). To recap - month one on 100mg, 2 good follicles. Month two on 100mg, overstimulation. The only difference was that I was really strict about the BMD during month two. So now I'm afraid that if I don't watch my food as closely, my clomid won't work. My doctor thought it was "interesting" but he's not convinced the BMD made the difference... still, he concedes that it could be more than just coincidence. And I'm afraid that if it's not coincidence, I'll slack on my BMD, 50mg won't work, we'll switch back to 100mg next month (when I will stick to the BMD since I have more incentive), and I'll overstimulate again and blow what (could be, maybe) a good month.*

So I'm back to obsessing over every bite of food I put in my mouth. It is damn hard to stick to the BMD long-term.

* this is where it gets confusing. per the updated B-schedule, if i ovulate within a very specific 2-day time, he'll be home for an insemination. if i don't ovulate then, i have another two-day window three days after the first. i'm slightly hopeful that it could work, but it depends on my timing being perfect, and my innards have never been good at working under pressure.


Erin said...

Have you asked your RE about midcycle monitoring and having a trigger shot if you're not ovulating on the first day he's home? I did that this cycle so that we could do the IUI before my family came (to avoid the judgmental comments of my family when they visited). It might help be certain that you get that one in and don't have to miss August.

Thanks again for visiting my blog--I'll add you to my blogroll and be back!

~r said...

ha! the invisible comment du jour reappears.. right after I blog about technical difficulties. (of course)

My RE does mid-cycle monitoring, and a trigger for IUI cycles, so hopefully that will be enough to get our timing right.

thanks for adding me!