Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's so cute about this?

I was just reading one of the million fertility message boards that's out there, and it struck me that I don't quite fit in there.

I'm not all about baby dust, or vibes or cutesy little names - I don't like "embies" or "follies" or any of that oh-so-sappy stuff.

And I especially can't stand the pesky "what's wrong with me??!" whiners who've been trying three whole months and are terribly upset because their first two (or three) children were conceived the first try/on accident/immaculate conception. Yeah, you know the ones. I try to feel bad for them - really, I do... but I just want to tell 'em to go whine somewhere else and call me in a year or two. I recognize that's not generally acceptable in most of the happy-sunshine message boards. But I still want to tell them where they can stuff their whining... and then I feel bad because I whine about this, and I'm not exactly in the worst position in the world - I have a child, I have conceived twice, and I have decent medical care that covers nearly 100% of my IUI's. Really, I shouldn't bitch too much. It could be a lot worse.

Still, I can't help but feel a primal urge to bitch-slap every person who complains that they're having "fertility difficulties" because they're not pregnant after a few short weeks. Maybe I should just send 'em some of my baby dust? I think we know how well that's been working for me.

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