Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Official. I'm weird.

I had my mid-cycle ultrasound today. I was pretty excited going into this - there's something oddly hopeful about seeing those follicles... and then I realized my doctor wasn't looking excited any more. Concerned, maybe. It was definitely not a happy face.

So, it turns out I managed to hyperstimulate. On only 100mg of clomid. Even though I have pcos. The odds were against me, but once again, my body has proven that things like odds or statistics mean nothing to me. Us. Whatever.

At the moment, I have one nice-looking ovary with three 'contenders' and one grossly swollen ovary with "too many to count". (I stopped counting at 7, but I figure if my untrained eye saw 7, it's a safe bet they brought friends).

It's not Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) . Yet. Although it could turn that way. Doc Paranoia cancelled my potential IUI, gave me a list of warning signs to watch out for and a stern lecture on not getting pregnant this month. Ha! If I could get pregnant, I wouldn't be in this position, now would I?? We talked about this cycle (out), next cycle (probably not happening), and whether or not reducing to 50mg of clomid would be a good idea (he says yes).

I came home, made a pan of brownies and totally blew the BMD. Not like it matters now, right?

.. and I have to admit this: the hubby & I actually had a talk about whether or not octuplets would be a bad idea. I think that probably says something about our desperation.

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