Wednesday, November 29, 2006

but i'm still hungry....

This morning, my sweet little G awoke. Generally, he wakes up crabby. I can't imagine where he gets that. Today he woke up happy. He said to me "Wydah deem". He's so articulate, no? After a bit of prompting, I was able to get the following: Wydah dweem. Now, I know that "Wydah" is the way he pronounces his name*. And "dweem" was not so hard to figure out considering that he just woke up, and logically sleep and 'dream' go together.

He didn't look particularly upset, so I figured it wasn't a nightmare, and that made me curious - what on earth does a three-year-old have to dream about? After a few more questions, I was able to determine 'dweem pizza'.

And I thought I was the only one who dreamed about eating.

Good mom that I am, I know that a food-dream means I'll be craving said food until I can have it. Figuring that G is a lot like me, I decided we'd have pizza for lunch. Only, I wasn't sure what kind of pizza is carb-friendly. Generally, we'd go all out on the pizza binge on those days when AF was here and I didn't worry about carbs.

So I checked the carb count on his favorite pizza. 84 grams of carbs in one slice. Holy fucknuts, that's a lot of carbs. Nearly half my daily carb allowance. Almost twice the amount of carbs I get for my biggest meal (which ain't lunch, folks).

So that was out.


I still think he needs pizza... and honestly, at this point, I'm pretty damn sure that I need pizza too. So I go online and survey the local pizza joints - all the major ones have nutritional info online now (thank God for the internet, or I'd never know what to eat).

What did I find? I can have one freaking slice of a medium-sized thin crust pizza (22g carbs) without going over my lunchtime carbo-limit.

What the hell is that? Who eats just ONE piece of pizza? Not me... and I don't even really like thin crust pizza.

But we got it anyway.

.. and no, I sure didn't eat just the one piece. Probably I should feel more guilty, but I did cut myself off at two pieces of pizza. (which was hard as hell, I'm starving All. The. Time.)

So - finally - here's my point: It is insanely difficult to find a fast-food meal (that is not a salad) that has less than 30g of carbs... and actually, many of the salads have more than 30g of carbs, too. We rarely eat out now because of this. If we do, it's for dinner, where I get a more-lenient 45g of carbs.

And you know... every place has a 'healthy' menu or 'lighter' choices; rarely are these low in carbs. Often they're lower-calorie, and lower-fat with a sky-high carb count. Worse yet, many of them are not even healthy carbs.

So now I'm pissed off at convenience foods in general. Because that's much easier than concentrating on my hunger.

And for the bright side of things: I don't think I'll have to worry about gaining the 60+ pounds I stuffed on while baking the G.

*what? you didn't really think that my child's name was "Grape" did you?

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Erin said...

Damn it, now I want pizza. And I'm not even pregnant, so I have no excuse.

His name's NOT really Grape? I am utterly shocked. Boy, here I was just thinking that y'all were a little fruity (HAHAHA) and it turns out it was all just a lie. A LIE, I tell you? Sheesh, where's the honesty in the world?