Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Remedial Reproduction

I've added some new links over there, check them out if you're of a mind... many of my links are SIF or parenting/pregnancy after IF, so be aware that pregnancy and children may be mentioned on them. 'Course, if you're reading my blog, chances are you're probably ok with that.

In other news, I called to make my appointment with the actual OB department. It's just a nurse appointment - loads of paperwork and no fun stuff. I hate this appointment. It was the only appointment I had with my last pregnancy. I filled out reams of paperwork when what I really wanted was to jump up and down screaming "something's not right - can I please have an ultrasound instead of this shit??"


I also remember receiving several pounds of brochures/magazines/coupons and samples. I was uncomfortable accepting them before, and after the miscarriage I cried when I threw out that pile of junk. Nothing like a reminder of bad times when I'm starting to feel a bit better, eh?

Only, it gets worse.

Instead of just paperwork, now they have a prenatal class I have to attend. Where they'll, you know, give me a script for prenatal vitamins (yeah, the same ones I've been taking for over a year), and information on nutrition and other fun stuff. Information that won't apply to me since 'normal' nutrition guidelines don't apply to my carb-controlled diet. This reminds me a bit of the fiasco this past summer where my appointment with the nutritionist (to discuss said carb restrictions) turned into a weight-loss class that I had to attend in order to make an appointment with the actual nutritionist.* Well, I have to attend the prenatal class before they'll make an appointment with an OB.

I'm apprehensive. I'm picturing a class full of women who are six weeks along, and already have names and nursery themes picked out. And me. Who still can't use the p-word. Who'd be deep in denial and skipping this class, but for my desire to see an actual doctor to beg for another ultrasound.

Thinking of this class I feel a bit like a calculus student forced to re-learn addition. I'd bet some serious money (ok, $10) that I will not only walk out of there with no new knowledge, but 90% of the information they do give me will not apply to me.

Still.... should make for an interesting blog post - appointment's on Thursday, I'll keep you posted.

*i am 5'3" and generally weigh between 125-130; can you imagine the dirty looks i received? from each and every person in the class... not that I'm faulting them - I'd have been glaring at me also.


casey said...

Just catching up on your good news! Hope the relief lasts for a while...although I know how hard that can be when faced with all the shenanigans you are being put through.

(P.S. I haven't even drummed up the courage to call a regular OB yet, although my RE mentioned it. You're one step ahead of me!)

The Town Criers said...

Can't wait to read more. Congratulations! Even if you can't bring yourself to say the p-word, I'm going to whip out the c-word...

Which is congratulations...not some other word that begins with the letter "c"...