Monday, November 06, 2006

things i forgot earlier....

Two things - I got an email this afternoon from a friend of mine who's a chart-stalker "Did you notice your temp went up today?"

Heh. Why yes, I did. Just thought it was funny that she asked.. of course, she doesn't know about this blog so she probably doesn't know the extent of my chart obsession. Temp rise or no, I'm still not hopeful. Witness the can of Dew next to my keyboard. Obvious proof that I'm convinced this cycle's over.

The second thing - another friend, who had the initial discussion of "I might be having fertility problems" with her doctor (OB, gyn, family doc, I don't know which) .. the doc suggested metformin, if she's interested. Brings me to my question:

Ever heard of metformin for a woman who has no pcos, and is already ovulating?


One Mother's Journey said...

You didn't mention how old your friend was but my doctor mentioned not too long ago about metformin being used prophilacticly on women of "advanced maternal age". Apparently there has been some reduction in miscarages among women who *might* have compromised egg quality due to age. Apparently they like you to be on from before conception through the first trimester. Perhaps the doc suspects PCOS or your friend has some of the charecteristics?

Erin said...

I can't imagine using Met without a reason--all drugs have side effects and if the benefits don't outweigh the risks, all it will do is confuse her body. Unfortunately, that could give her more problems later on. If I were her, I'd want reasons to use it. Preferably backed up by hormonal tests.