Friday, November 03, 2006

10ish dpo ... ?

At least, I'm pretty sure I'm 10dpo.

My temps for yesterday and today look exactly like they did at 9 & 10dpo last cycle. So... I'm taking that as an early sign that there was no implantation goin' on in the ole ute this month.

I feel like I should be sad, or even disappointed, but I'm not. You know how you feel when you go to sleep on Monday night and wake up and it's suddenly Tuesday? That's how I feel about the thought that this cycle failed. It's just the natural progression of things, happens all the time. Total non-event.

Probably a good thing nothing happened this month. See, last week, we traded in B's beloved explorer and got........ a mom-mobile. Yeah. I drive a mini*van now. And I have one kid. Just the one lonely child, with five seats to choose from... well, when he gets bigger, he'll have five seats, for now he's stuck in the one that holds his car seat.

Anyway, B, when signing away his life to buy this mom-mobile, turned to me and said "you better tell your doctor I expect at least triplets now" (because part of the reason we decided to get this rather than a smaller car when the explorer started its death throes was "just in case" we needed more room in the next year or so).

Since this cycle had merely one follicle, and I'm expected to produce several children next go-round, it's for the best that we had to cancel the IUI.*

Of course, if I am still driving one lonely child around in the back of this behemoth in another year, I'll be really pissed I've given up ALL my cool-points for something as tenuous as 'just in case'.

*yes, I know we still had s-e-x... but really, I don't expect that to be a viable option for getting pregnant.

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