Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hey, I think I'm losing weight.

In my low-carb hell.

I had a friend tell me this week that she wanted my diet. I had commented that I was starving, but couldn't eat 'cause I didn't actually want any of the food I was allowed to eat.

Which is when she said she'd eaten everything in sight and she wanted my diet.

Yeah. I had to work really hard not to claw at her eyes because I most definitely do NOT want my diet.

I will do whatever it takes to bring a healthy baby into this world, but I reserve the right to cry in frustration when all I want is just one, small coffee cake... or cheese danish... or a piping hot caramel brownie with fudge sauce and maybe some melty vanilla ice cream oozing off the top of it.

Picture a minimum of nine months with no guilt-free dessert. No overindulgence of fresh-baked bread or pretzels. No Oreos. Or decent brownies. A fall without caramel apples. A Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Christmas without chocolate pie.

Is it worth it? Oh hell yes.

Is it easy? Not one little bit.

I refrained from telling my friend that she, too, could have my diet.. she could try it on for kicks, stick with it as long as she wanted and then throw it aside when it felt too binding and restrictive. Me, I'm stuck with it. And as much as I'm happy to be where I am right now, the combination of hormones and unfulfilled cravings does make me cry a little.

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Yasmine Smith said...

Oh, that is indeed tough. You'll celebrate the seasons without your favorite food? But for a healthy baby, I hope you did that sacrifice. Don't worry, a healthy-born child is worth all the sacrifices you had for him. :)