Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I think I'm scared to death...

"I am so uppercase Fucked"

The other night, B & I watched this perfectly dreadful horror movie. So dreadful that it was funny - I love movies like that. At any rate, that's a quote from the movie. Now, in the movie, the character who wailed that line was upset because the zombie-alien-bad-guy-thingie had vomited on him, causing his flesh to begin to rot.

Obviously, that's a different situation from mine... but that line still came to mind this morning.

Yeah. Because of that.

Against all odds, on the month our IUI was cancelled and we were left to have s-e-x on our own, praying that I would ovulate before he left... we succeeded.

Now how the fuck does that happen?

edit: I wrote this post this morning, and held off publishing it til I could talk to B, figuring he should know first and all... well, he knows now. I can't say he's thrilled - he's so worried he's making it difficult for me to even try to be excited. I'm really sad that our first reaction is worry, but I guess that's part of this game, right? Anyway, I have an appointment in a few weeks for an ultrasound. My RE waits til 7 weeks, figuring at that point, we'll see a heartbeat....... if there is one. I'll probably be scarce until then. The last thing I want is to make myself worry more by thinking about it too much.


Cricket said...

Glory be! Congrats!

Did you relax? (sorry, couldn't resist.)

Erin said...

No WAY! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts until we know more news.