Monday, July 17, 2006

Food is such an emotional thing, right?

Wanna hear how to make me cry? Remind me - repeatedly - that I'm not pregnant.

So.. I went to see the nutritionist today. I'm still struggling with this low carb thing, and I had a bunch of questions.. the nutritionist spent a LOT of time explaining how the hormones from the placenta affect insulin resistance, and then said (somewhere around 50 times), "but you don't need to worry about that right now because you don't have a placenta" .. yeah, I lost the placenta right about the same time I lost the baby, thanks for the reminder.

He also spent a lot of time emphasizing the connection between insulin resistance and gestational diabetes, saying stupid things like "you don't need to be worried about that because you're not pregnant" then why the hell are we talking about it? or "that's really something you'll worry about in your third trimester" oh yeah? you mean the trimester I'm supposed to be in now? and - my personal fave, he mentioned that I'll have to be stricter about my diet when I'm pregnant because my doctor will take me off my metformin.. and when I pointed out that they'd kept me on it before, he replied "well, they'll take you off it by 20 weeks" oh, well, I wouldn't know that since I didn't make it to 20 weeks.

I didn't even ask half the questions I had because I was too busy biting my cheek to keep from crying. I just couldn't cry in there. I can't be the crazy lady who cries over a nutrition appointment.. even though I had good reason - after all, wouldn't you cry if they told you No. Brownies. Ever..?

And did I mention I got my period yesterday?

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DD said...

No brownies?! Oh, I would've done more than cry, my dear girl, I would've kicked him so hard that if he was lucky enough to get pregnant after that kick, his baby would've been born dizzy.