Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's almost party time

Just a bit over twelve hours to go til my mid-cycle scan. About 36 hours until the potential insemination.

Not that I'm obsessing. Much.

Last night, I had a nice talk with my ovaries. They didn't have much to say (working hard to grow those follicles, I assume), but they listened, I think. I felt a couple of twinges during my talk and I'm pretty sure those were just to let me know they're doing something in there.

Rather nice of them to be so social this month. Do social ovaries produce social eggs? 'Cause I'm thinking that social ones might be more open to partying with the swimmers, so I want those eggs. Maybe I can even throw on some mood music, light some candles, get them all in the mood for the weekend.

Yeah, I'm a little excited.. and maybe a bit weird.

Still... I feel like there's a lot riding on this month. If throwing a reproductive party will help, I'm all for it.

1 comment:

Erin said...

Chocolate cake. You need chocolate cake for a reproduction party. With lots of gooey chocolate frosting.

And aren't foods with lots of seeds supposed to be fertility signs So you could put raspberry filling between the layers.

Ummm, must wipe the drool from my chin.