Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Lottery Ticket

Well, we had the insemination today. Tons of stuff for me to laugh about: B forgot his ID in the car when we went in to give 'em the swimmers. The lab tech had to look up his ID from last time and commented that she didn't remember B, but she did remember me. Sadly, I was too afraid to ask why I was memorable.

B did his thing, the lab did their thing, and we waited. The lab tech told us that we could wait upstairs in the lab waiting room since she didn't have anyone else coming this morning. I'll spare you the details about just how long I giggled over that choice of words. Mature, I am not.

An hour later, we left clutching a little vial of pink liquid and an envelope containing the report on the swimmers. Fortunately for me, today's envelope was taped much easier than last time - I got into that sucker in no time.

And I was stunned. It's not a complete semen analysis (it was missing the two biggest problems we've had: morphology and white blood cell count), but ALL of the other numbers were a HUGE improvement over last time. So much so that in nearly everything they checked, B's numbers were within normal range. OMG OMG. I thought I was giddy before, but now - that Hope, she will not be stopped.

So we headed over to the hospital, since it's the weekend, my RE's office is closed and inseminations are done by the doc-on-call in labor and delivery. I wasn't as bothered by the pregnant bellies in L&D today, because Hope was sitting next to me. Even when the Lamaze class tour came by and the waiting room was suddenly flooded with bellies, I was ok. Now that is a small miracle. Maybe even not-so-small.

By pure luck, we got a really nice doctor today.. and another pregnant belly in the room. Yes, I may have been impregnated by a pregnant woman. B thought that part was funny. I know this because he's mentioned it a few times. To me.. to my mom.. you get the idea.

The IUI itself was uneventful, and only took a few minutes. My newer, better doc let me hold the swimmers until it was time to put them in (instead of tossing them on the counter to sit alone and cold like the last doc did), and even asked B to hand her a few things she needed. I joked that he was getting to participate in the potential conception. It felt good that he had something to do. Last time, all he could do was sit in his chair and watch, and that made me very, very sad. If ever there's anything a partner should be able to participate in, it's the conception of a child.

They left us alone in the room afterwards. I had my half hour to lay there and wait. The nurse put up one of the bed rails in case I wanted to scoot over so B could join me "and cuddle.. there's plenty of room on the bed". She told us they wouldn't be back to bother us, just after half an hour, I could go... and then she turned out the lights and left. So we could cuddle.

Uhh... yeah. Because a hospital room is so romantic, right? I waited my half hour.. and took one for the team. How many people can say they've done that? I'll add it to the list of things infertility has taught me because I cannot think of a single other situation where I'd have even considered doing that while sitting in a labor room.

Now... I feel like I've been handed my newest lottery ticket. In two weeks, we'll know if it's a winner.

Please. Please. Please let this be it.


B said...

Oh.. you make me laugh!! I totally agree, if there's one thing both parties should be involved in, its conception.

ms. c said...

Your entry was written with such wit and enthusiasm... I think that you've made my day. It's great that the Dr was wonderful and your husband played such a large role. I'm so so hoping that you hit it big with this cycle.

DD said...

I'm officially jealous. My husband would use that time after he produced his sample to go to the tool store (since we were now in the big city). I think, if anything, having that closeness mentally will only improve your chances. So with 3 on your bed (you, husband and Hope), I will also hope your number comes up in two weeks.