Friday, July 07, 2006

Random Friday thoughts.

Couple of interesting things to report today - first, I think my body is playing tricks on me. I have all the signs of impending ovulation, but it's way too late in the month for that. Naturally, today's the day the hubby came home, so now I'm afraid I'll be hopeful all month. Damn me.

Second, we met Grape's new speech therapist today. They sent me an infertile (!). Weird that I'm so excited about this, right? But it almost makes up for the fact that the last one they sent us was pregnant. Very nice, patient with Grape, but still very pregnant. (She's on maternity leave right now, which is why we've got a new ST). Anyway, the new ST was playing with Grape, and doing a damn fine job of keeping up with his energy*, so I complimented her on it. She told me she was used to it - she had two three-year-old boys. And a three-year-old girl. Yep, triplets. And a six-year-old girl.

Sounded like IF to me. I desperately wanted to ask, but I can't. I am bound by the code of infertile etiquette, and The Code strictly prohibits asking others about their fertility. Asking, not cool. Working fertility into a conversation, perfectly acceptable. So how do you work fertility into a conversation about a child's speech? We had to set up a usual time to meet, so I (obviously) had to warn her that we were in fertility treatments and might run into a situation where we have to reschedule with little or no notice.** Turns out that not only did she have fertility treatments, but she went to the same clinic I do. It's really nice to see an actual success story that came from my very own doctors. My clinic shares a waiting room with the OB/gyn patients, so even though there are a lot of pregnant women in there, I never know for sure that any of them have been through treatment rather than just getting pregnant the old-fashioned way. Hey, I like the way that sounds - like I'm using new and improved technology, rather than that pesky truth thing where I admit I've been forced into 'artificial' means. If I get pregnant and meet nosey people, would it be freakish to tell them (if they ask, of course) that I got pregnant the new-fangled way? Probably. .. I have seriously got a short attention span. My random thoughts intrude a lot here. I assure you, it is worse in conversation. At any rate, because of the waiting room stuation, I am never reassured of my doc's success rates by the pregnant women around me, so it's really nice to actually know someone who went through this and came out the other end with a bigger family. Maybe that's why I was so excited about this. Or maybe it's just because I feel a little less freakish and alone.

*Grape is an extremely high-energy kid, especially when he's excited, and boy was he excited yesterday. He had a new friend! And she brought cool toys! He was tackling her within 10 minutes. No really, tackling. Somehow, chutes and ladders turned into a contact sport.

**I did have this same conversation with the old ST also, so it's not like I brought it up just to be nosey.

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