Tuesday, August 01, 2006

He's a fertile...

No, not my DH, my child. Sure, he's only three and it's pretty early to make that determination, but still.. after the conversation we just had, I'm convinced he's not destined to be an Infertile. He just doesn't think like one.

G: "Mommy. Want two" (pointing at two fingers)
Me: "Two? You want two?"
G, nodding: "Two"
Me: "Two what?"
G: "Want two baby"
Me: "And just where am I supposed to get two babies?"
G: "Adopt baby"

I'm getting the "just adopt" line from a three-year-old. Only in my life do these things happen.


Erin said...


B said...

Oh. my.... what do you say to THAT???

~r said...

b, I just said "how about some cheese instead?"

which had nothing to do with the subject, but was the first thing that popped into my head. fortunately, he's young enough that it worked.