Monday, September 25, 2006


But not the sugary good kind of fudge.

The Ralphie-Christmas-Story kind of fudge.

I should have known to listen to the B when he said we should get busy yesterday "just in case".

I should not have cracked that joke about ovulating during my ultrasound.

I should not have even wondered what a follicle looks like during ovulation.

So.. yeah, DocP said it looks like I'm ovulating. Hard to tell, he says, but the collapsing follicle in there is a pretty good clue. Possible that the other two will hold out for tomorrow, but not definite, could go either way.

He has no advice on if we should continue with the IUI or not.

.. and he's against the meds change that Doc NoHumor and I discussed last week. So against it that while he's willing to keep injectibles as a potential subject for discussion, he's not willing to keep letrozole on the table as a possibility.

But he's more optimistic than I am - "let's just assume you get pregnant this cycle and we don't have to worry about changing your meds next cycle".

Yeah... I'm not holding my breath on that one.

And I'm not supposed to cry before the two-week-wait even starts... that's not how this works.

Share your opinions on this, please... I'm really, really at a loss: In this situation, would you break the IUI abstinence in the hopes that you don't miss ovulation, and take the risk of having a not-so-great sample for the IUI, or would you keep the abstinence and hope that there's even something there to inseminate tomorrow?


Heather said...

Sorry, I have no words of wisdom on this...but I'm thinking good thoughts for you. I say, follow your heart.

Erin said...

I think I would be angrier if we missed it completely than if we had a semi-lousy count for the IUI. I'm not sure if you've ever said, but are B's counts in the normal range? If so, I'd definitely have sex and try the IUI.

But I'd also be supremely upset.

Why won't your dr consider letrozole? I think I missed something again.

the nude uterus said...

awww hunny, I'm sorry I got nothing about the drugs. But if its me & I even think I'm anywhere near my O date, we're rabbits. :) But then again, we're trying to get knocked-up the old fashioned way... still... As you can see. IT ISN'T WORKING!!

Kris said...

I'd be getting busy, if like Erin said, his counts are usually within normal range. But I'm a control freak. Sorry things have been so difficult with this cycle.