Saturday, September 09, 2006

I feel nutty.. oh so nutty...

... I'm analyzing my 'symptom' (yes, just the one).

Further proof that I do, indeed, believe in immaculate conception.

Dr Google and I had a talk this morning about "normal period but pregnant".

Denial ain't just a river, ladies.

Unfuckingreal. <-- the fact that this pisses me off this much tells me I'm PMS'ing.

Yes, not only do I have delusions of p-word, I have PMS. I don't even make sense to myself.

Good thought for today: It's CD28, 14dpo, AF tomorrow. Can I get a Hell, Yeah! for having a normal 28-day unmedicated cycle?


Erin said...

You can have a "Hell Yeah!" from me. The only 28-day cycle I've ever had, medicated or unmedicated, was anovulatory. Can't tell you how much that sucked.

DD said...

I use to have nice, normal, regular cycles UNTIL I had my first appt w/an RE. Now I just never know what the hell is going on from day to day.