Monday, September 04, 2006

Google is a beautiful thing...

For me at least - I recently found my keyword thingie, and I'm getting some fascinating search hits. I'm still getting a lot of "clomid side effects" or "clomid mood" hits, but those are so not creative or interesting - c'mon - all you cranky FC's hopped up on clomid, start thinking outside of the box...

Here's some highlights:

implantation pain psychosomatic Good one! While I don't know much about implantation pain, I'm all about the psychosomatic.

grail Oops - I'm probably not what you're looking for, huh?

do heavy periods mean no morning sickness Well you're an optimist, aren't you? Sorry to tell you this, but just because your reproductive system sucks in one way doesn't mean you get off easy in others - it might just suck in every way... and the fact that you're having a heavy period and still thinking about morning sickness is troubling. Have you been tested for FCP?

clomid side effects giddy laughter Well, I take it back, maybe there ARE some clomid side effects I haven't had.

12dpo temp Put down the Google and walk away. You're just going to make yourself nuts. BTDT.

... and my personal favorite:

limerick uterus I'm not even going to ask.

1 comment:

DD said...

The google hits are fine until the sickos come in, and I've had some doozies.

As for your most recent post, it's funny how I consider myself FC (I'll try it out), when we believe the problem is MFI. Weird, huh?

I bet is has something to do with "psycosomatic".