Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let the nook begin.

CD10.. the B is home (yay!). I have an appointment for a midcycle scan in two days (yay!) and tonight is the cutoff night for pre-insemination abstinence (not so yay!). It's so very fun to live without your husband for five weeks and only have two days to catch up on all the nookie you've missed out on. I had to remind myself that last night was about fun, not babies.. I have this complex set of rules regarding sex during my fertile period, and ALL of them center around being sperm-friendly. Absolutely no KY! No swimmers being allowed out of the gate anywhere except the starting line for the race! You get the idea.

It was the KY that did me in last night. He's been gone for five weeks, that makes things a little.. uh.. disproportionate. Either he grows while he's abstinent or I shrink. Throw in the clomid which has "vaginal dryness" listed as yet another side effect; we all know I suffer from (almost) every clomid side effect... and you can imagine the quandary this put me in.. fortunately, my month-long non-voluntary celibacy made me more desperate than my need to keep the swimmer swimming. So that worked out. It's wonderful to realize that sex has nothing to do with babymaking on an IUI month.

Small update - while I was spellchecking this, G brought me the last lonely fortune cookie left over from the other night: A bold attempt is half of success. On the back, the Chinese word forJuly. It's another message, I tell you.

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