Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New sign of FCP - ovulation symptom analysis.

I just had an epiphany.

The last few days have included several (ok, two.. no, three) difficult babymaking decisions.

...and I, cynic.. nonbeliever.. I forgot the earlier wisdom of the fortune cookie.

And the reminder a few days later. you gotta look hard for that one, it's at the very bottom

Holy precognition, Batman! All signs point to... keep trying.

I woke up this morning with a small temp spike. Possible post-ovulatory temp, but very, very small. Better yet, I also had some serious ovarian pain. The one thing I love about clomid is that it makes ovulation downright painful.

she's a masochist! run now while you can!

No, that's not it - I like knowing (approximately) when ovulation occurs. BBT isn't precise enough, and the turkey's-done button that I'd like to install on my stomach is not yet a perfected technology. Til then, all I've got is the "ow-my-inner-girlparts-hurt" alarm. Eh, I'll take it.

Especially if it means that I'm ovulating now.


the nude uterus said...

Girl, the "inner girlparts hurt" alarm is ringing... and your blogging? Not getting nookie??? :)

DD said...

Damn. Sorry, but I missed your post about should you "hit that" or not. Don't forget, sperm has a shelf life of a good 72 hours or so.

And were you around when I mentioned how my belly button was itchy and I wondered if I could somehow use that has a cue to know when I was ovulating? No, oh, well, then whatever. I like your idea about the pop-up button better, but it could be rather embarrassing during social visits.

ms. c said...

I would love a pop up button on my belly. Who's engineering that one? Can't wait.
Just reading throught your last couple of posts and relaizing that we have lots in common witht he pco and the state of husband's sperm.
(Note to self: must pay more attention here!)

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