Monday, September 25, 2006

Real quick...

A couple of you asked about B's count in the comments in my last post.. figured I'd address it here.

His count is ok, it's low but in the normal range. Sometimes it's lower, sometimes it's higher, but it's always been at least ok. ("suboptimal" was the word my first doc used to describe it.. difficult but not impossible) Mainly, he has problems with motility and morphology. I know that count is affected by abstinence, but it's rare to see motility and morphology addressed - tho I did find a study this afternoon that said that more than 24-48 hours abstinence is actually worse for mot/morph...

So we hit it. I'd rather risk having fewer chances with the IUI than having no chance by missing ovulation.

And Erin, DocP is concerned with the manufacturer's response to off-label use of letrozole as a fertility drug. DocNH pretty much rolled his eyes at the same topic when we discussed it last week, he has no concerns about that aspect, so I don't either. After discussing the protocol involved in injectibles with DocP today*, I'm leaning heavily towards asking NH for letrozole next time I see him. When in doubt, I trust the doctor I agree with.

*DocP has greater concerns with using inj's on pco patients who don't have weight issues (the gist of it is that we respond differently to meds, and can go from nothing to extreme with a small dose change); since I already had one over-reaction to clomid, they would want to stim me slowly.. his exact phrase was "it could take a month or so" I'm not so sure I'd want to stim for a month, I just don't have the patience to spend a month preparing for a cycle that did not involve IVF.

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