Thursday, September 28, 2006

O Google, My Google... how I love the hits.

First, the ones which make me sad. I know I'm projecting, but some of these you read and you just know that the person on the other end of that search isn't in a good spot.

why iui fails oh hon, i wish i knew

drop in bbt a sign of miscarriage i hope not.. i really, really hope not.

.. and the ones that leave me speechless:

myopic uterus what?

theme park rides implantation conception here's someone who'll know what not to say to an infertile in this situation.

he is fertile uhh... congrats?

Then there's the ones that make me laugh tho admittedly I'm easy and it doesn't take much:

morning sickness 1dpo Three letters for ya babe... F..C..P..

you're my obsession lyrics There's always one that I look at and think 'bet you weren't expecting this search result'

pregnant but no hcg seems there are a lot of us with FCP out there

psychosomatic pregnancy signs after iui if I didn't know better, I'd think this one was me.

moms implantation pain
as opposed to dad's?

hate pelvic exams you and me both, kid. you and me both.

im having weird side effects from clomid i have nothing to say.. just the wording of this search cracked me up.

and the occasional search that makes me ask WTF??

ok for 8 month old to be out of my sight uhh... sure, leave
your precious bundle o' joy unattended. just watch out for those nutty
infertiles.. you know we're all just waiting to snatch your baby


SmarshyBoy said...

What a great post! There should be a hall of fame for these google searches. My favorites on my blog:
"Wife needs mony how do I help her"
"Best excuses to tell wife for absence"
"What does God say about IUI and IVF"

SmarshyBoy said...

By the way, that ones about needing "mony" came from Bahrain!!