Wednesday, October 11, 2006

CD1 update

Well, that ovarian cyst delay isn't happening, but it's ok, I'll take this. It's a bit awkward timing-wise, but that's a post for another day.

So, I called my RE's office today to discuss the fact that I never want to see another clomid or estrogen pill in my life. DocNH wasn't in, but I had a lovely chat with the receptionist. During this chat, she reviewed my medical records, and approved my request for letrozole. OK, so it wasn't quite that easy, but it did indeed happen.

First, I explained that I'd talked to DocNH about inj's vs letrozole, and was supposed to give him my decision so he could write that lovely script at my next appointment. We discussed how that appointment was with DocP who is not nearly so fond of letrozole as NH... and so she put me on hold to review my records and see if NH had put anything in there about this letrozole conversation we'd had.

God bless the man, the conversation was in my records. Whew.* So the receptionist ok'd my new script, and will have NH call it in tomorrow. I guess she's not willing to ask DocP for the script either... or maybe she did ask him and he said no... either way, I'm getting my new pills.

I am a clomid addict no more!! assuming of course that the script does get sent in to the pharmacy correctly...

*I've had bad experiences with doctors who don't update my records and the partners who see me for followups on appointments that seemingly never existed. Honestly, it's not like I pull medical info out of my ass and just ask random doctors for assistance.. well, ok, I do, but it still irks me when they won't just take my word for it that I do, indeed, need whatever it is I've discussed in that appointment that has disappeared from my chart.

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Erin said...

Wahoo, join the "no Clomid" bandwagon. Never again will we be subjected to the evils of those little pills. Never again will we snap at our families unless we want to. Never again will we then burst into tears at having snapped at them for no reason. Never again will our skin become burning hot and moist so that you feel overdressed in a nightgown. And never again will we...I forgot what I was going to add there. Clomid kills my memory. *sigh*

Other than that, I'm really sorry that it's CD1.