Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So I went to my midcycle appointment yesterday. It was supposed to be today, but they called to reschedule. Now, I'm not taking that as a sign, but it's a pretty damn good thing they did. If we'd waited til today, B would be gone and we'd have had no chance for anything.. but I'm getting ahead of myself...

I got weighed and I've gained something like 8 pounds (not surprising considering the vast amount of sweets I inhaled over the weekend).

Then I got lectured by the nurse because I haven't had a pap in a year and a half... I forgot - oops*. It used to be pretty easy to remember. Once a year I had some stranger poking around in my goods. The very rarity of that made it memorable. Now that this has become a monthly thing, I forget. And, really, with all the people who've been digging for gold in my hoo-ha, you'd think one of them would have broken out a swab at some point, but no...

So then DocP came in for my wanding. Brief (and expected) discussion on why I switched from clomid to femara, and we went to work. My endometrium was so pretty it elicited a "wow, look at that, just beautiful!" from the doc. See, I'm beautiful on the inside and outside As if I didn't know.


Freaking amazing for me, and nearly twice what it was a couple months back.

One "gorgeous" follicle. Oh stop, DocP, you're going to give me an ego.

DocP was so impressed he told me that if this month doesn't work, call him and he'll renew my femara script. I refrained from doing the "I told you so" dance. Mostly because it's hard to dance in stirrups.

And the obligatory bad news - my gorgeous follicle was definitely not going to make it to Friday... which is when the B will be available for IUI. Fortunately, he didn't leave til this morning, so DocP gave me a massive dose of hcg,** and instructions to go home and get busy as close to when B left as possible.

Yeah. The man had to be at work by 6AM this morning. Do you know how early one has to get up to fit in some nookie and still have time to get ready?

Damn, I'm tired.

*obligatory disclaimer: cervical cancer can be silent, and deadly... I do not recommend waiting if you're due for a pap. If you can't remember how long it's been since your last one. Find out. Like today. And schedule one if you need it.

**well, maybe not massive... but I usually only get a half-dose of it, so a full 10,000 is a lot to me... we're kinda hoping the higher hcg will/would cause an earlier ovulation.


DD said...

I believe a trigger that size results in ovulation at around 36 hours. So I would have to say with the timing looking good and you having BEE-U-tiful innards, things are promising!

Erin said...

Hey, is that a thick lining in your uterus or are you just happy to see B?

Does the eyebrow wiggling come through over the internet? Anyway, it certainly sounds great and I hope that this cycle works wonders for you.

And my pap was also done 5 months late--I completely forgot that there was another reason that doctors go poking around in that area!

Heather said...

Glad everything was beautiful!!

And thanks for the reminder. I have no idea when my last pap was? hmmm trying to remember if my last doc before my RE did one or if it was a year prior to that? Guess I have a phone call to make...

~r said...

So if a 10k trigger brings ovulation in 36 hours, and a 5k normally gives me O in 24hrs, then... ahh... complicated math. It's like a word problem, and I was never good at those.

Two trains leave the station for ovulation. One has 10,000 units of hcg on board, the other has 5,000. Who gets there first?

Eh, I don't care who gets there first, just so long as someone gets there. And settles in for a nice long stay.