Monday, October 09, 2006

No good news today

Things to do today:

think about hpt's and not buy them because my temp is down again.

stare at FF's chart gallery to see if someone - anyone - had a temp so close to coverline at 13.5dpo on a "good" month.

stare at my past charts, looking for the same

conclude that pregnancy is highly unlikely this cycle

buy tampons, just in case.

stare at the Oreos, and not buy them, just in case.

wait for AF

Yeah, that's my day. I've already done most of that, all that's left is to head out to the store for my tampons.

Eh, well, you win some, you lose some. The nature of infertility is that you lose more than you win.

Speaking of:
I watched a movie last night. It was supposed to be about a girl who was haunted by her deceased cousin. It was, but there were some serious infertile references that pissed me off. In a nutshell, two sisters, identical twins, each with one child. Sister A has a girl, Sister B has a boy. Boy dies. Sister B visits her friendly local RE and discovers that she doesn't have enough eggs to try IVF 'again', and shortly thereafter Sister A discovers she's pregnant. With twins. When she wasn't trying. Sister B turns into this evil, nasty woman, crippled by her inability to have another child... meanwhile, DeadBoy is haunting LiveGirl, and naturally, the dearly departed is fast turning evil, corrupting dear sweet living girl. Did you follow that? The sweet fertile's life is screwed up by her evil infertile twin and the demon seed she produced. Ugh.

Infertility is evil, infertiles are not.

... tho I'm thinking of going as an Infertile for Halloween. I can't think of a scarier costume, just going by the mainstream references to infertility.


Erin said...

I'm so sorry, Rachel. I was holding out hope for you this cycle. Buy the Oreos.

DD said...

Make sure as part of your costume you tape HPTs, oreos, bourbon, and a BBT thermometer.

I love that idea so much, I may have to do it myself.

I'm sorry the news wasn't as good as we both had wished.

And that movie? It's an autobiography (non-fiction) of my life. Didn't you know?

Erin said...

Oh, and then there was this other lifetime movie about the clingy wife who hired the surrogate who went after the wife's husband. . .

Come to think of it -- what is it that Lifetime has against infertiles?

Thalia said...

Don't forget your pomegranate thread on your costume. And greasy hair, and yoga pants, and bruises on your stomach (though you might not be baring that, I understand), and spots (pimples) and an extra 5lbs round your hips and....