Wednesday, August 09, 2006

2WW reminiscing

Yesterday, I got my hopes up. Way up.

I fell asleep in the middle of the day (not unusual), and woke up feeling sick (also not unusual), and then my nausea stuck around all day (that part is unusual).

By bedtime, I was convinced. I was p-word.

Woke up this morning, with a slight drop in my temp and zero nausea.

I felt a little sick after breakfast, and started to get hopeful again until I remembered the 2WW of Nov '05. Nov '05 was a promising 2WW - well-timed baby-making-sex, and some seriously incapacitating nausea starting at 10dpo. Oh yeah. On the third day, Grape started throwing up. Now I'm no expert, but as far as I know, morning sickness is not contagious. On day four, not only was I throwing up, but I had the AF to prove that it was, alas, just a stomach virus. Ever the optimist, I was actually thankful. It's hard to wallow in disappointment when you're tossing your cookies every 10 minutes. Seriously, that's the way to go.*

Still, that was not my worst 2WW, or the farthest I had to fall from optimism. Our first IUI was (by far) the worst. After all, I'd gotten pregnant twice without either clomid or insemination; with both, it was practically a sure thing, I just knew it. Hey, I was young and stupid then.** I was so optimistic, I tested before AF was even due. I just knew I'd see two lines. I didn't. AF showed up right on time the next morning, about two hours before my sister's wedding. My pregnant sister's wedding. Good thing it's socially acceptable to cry at weddings. That was also my first introduction into the ball-busting cramps I get on clomid. You know they're rough if they're busting parts I don't even have. Whooo-eee that was a fun day!

So, sitting here now, feeling a little queasy and a lot tired, I'm not thinking p-word, I'm thinking "God, I hope I don't give G this virus."

*yes, i'd rather spend the entire day praying to the porcelain god and feeling like death than face that disappointment.

**so it was only a few months ago - i've grown a lot since then.


Erin said...

IF makes you age faster than normal. And I can totally understand the issues you had when IUI#1 didn't work--I had the same ones, which is why we took this cycle off.

Still, I'm hoping that your nausea isn't a virus this time around!

DD said...

I remember the day we were scheduled for our FET, which didn't go since all the embryos stopped dividing, and I decided to go to my aunts funeral (which I had said I wasn't attending as I was supposed to be PUPO that day). I cried non-stop. I must have appeared the inconsolable niece.

Ditto Erin's wish for no virus.

B said...

You're funny, as always! I'll pray its no bug... for you or G. The last three months I've been so sure around CD 29ish, that I've POAS. Then CB showed up within 24 hours of POAS. This just plain sucks. Fingers crossed for you!!!