Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You're my obsession

Nothing like catchy stuck-in-your-head-for-days 80's song lyrics as a title. Maybe I'll get this song stuck so well it'll knock out the real obsession - my BBT chart.

What? Nothing will knock out that obsession? Not even the kind of song that stays, playing one line over and over again? I should just embrace the obsession then, eh?

OK, you've twisted my arm.

I was looking at my chart this morning, scrutinizing it making a study out of it, comparing it with previous months' charts for some hint of when to expect AF, and where my current temps are compared to before... and I ran into a problem. See, I know better than to compare my FertilityFriend chart to anyone else's since my body works in weird ways, so that whole 'chart gallery' thing is useless to me.. and all I have for comparison: my own old charts. Only, my cycle has changed so much with the addition of clomid, I really only have a couple of months to use for comparison, and my luteal phase has varied wildly over those months. Best as I can tell, AF is due some time between Thursday and Sunday.

Makes it hard to know when to test, right?

So I've picked an arbitrary date, and will be testing on the 13th... Of January.. 2007. If AF has not shown by then, and I have gained more than 10 pounds, felt movement and had at least one ultrasound that shows a moving, growing, kicking baby in there somewhere, I may break out a peestick.

Til then, you can find me with my fingers firmly planted in my ears, alternately humming, and singing the one line I know: you're my obsession.. mm mmm mm mmmm mm you're my obsession...


DD said...

Why not just be one of those women who show up in the emergency room in 9 mos in severe adbominal distress and pop out a baby. Save your money that would be wasted on HPTs.

~r said...

dd, I like that idea. I've always wanted to be one of those women who found out about a pregnancy well into the second/third trimester, totally bypassing all that first-trimester worry. If I could skip the worries of the whole thing and just get to the part where I give birth... that sounds wonderful.