Tuesday, August 01, 2006


In honor of the lingering HCG symptoms, I give you HCG Haiku:
swirling nausea, yuck
the shot that keeps on giving
stick around nine months?

OK, so it's crappy. Hey, I'm a blogger, not a novelist. Definitely not a poet.

And haiku is just not funny. Maybe a limerick.

There once was an ov'ry of mine
With follicles oh-so-sublime
The shot made me jump
When stuck in my rump
And now I am not feeling fine.

Oh yeah, that one's way better. Seriously, this HCG thing.. it sucks. Morning sickness. I have freaking morning sickness. My mother pointed out to me that if I get pregnant, this won't go away. Just in case I didn't know that. But, dude, that's different.

And how am I supposed to obsess over my potential symptoms if I know that they're all from my trigger? Jeez, where's the fun in that? Oh, look at that, cervix is in a pregnant position... hey maybe that means... oh yeah, maybe it means I have HCG..

For anyone interested in obsessing with me, I have cramps. 3dpiui, which probably means... IUI cramps. I have, however, managed to convince myself that they're probably implantation cramps. My neighbor agrees. She's an uber-fertile who understands little about reproduction (other than it happens to her at an alarming rate), and I've never actually had implant cramps, so it's not like either of us know what we're talking about.. but that's ok. We got excited anyway. It's all part of that optimism thing I'm working on this month. And since it's wayyy to early to have real symptoms, I'm working with what I've got. Which means, I'm actually thankful for the HCG shot because now I can say "hey, if I still feel this crappy in a week, I might be the p-word".


DD said...

I don't think I know of one person who has ever NOT obsessed about the symptoms. Just what does go through an uber-fertile's mind two weeks out of the month?

B said...

ooohhhhhhh... come on p-word!!! I'm rooting for you, girl!!! But I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. And I'm luvin' you "poetry".