Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And I thought we were making progress...

The B & I, that is.

I thought he'd been paying attention to the gazillion conversations I've had with doctors, nurses, assistants and receptionists. And the super-technical TTC words.

I thought we'd gotten to the point where we were comfortable saying anything to each other.

Then today, he sends me an email that asks "when are you due?"

So I fire one back asking "for what?"*

B: "your monthly thing"

What the hell? Does he mean my period? An IUI? An update to my dye job?

Yeah, he meant my period, although it took two more emails to determine that.

So.... after all the discussions we've had, he's still at the point where it's my "monthly thing"?**

I'll cut him a break and tell you the rest of the story: I found out later that he wasn't alone at his computer, and I'm guessing that while he's comfortable discussing my cycle with me, he's not ok with discussing it with the guys... for crying out loud, one of 'em brought me Oreos last time my monthly thing showed up. And he's ok telling them all he's taking the morning off to go whack off when it's SA time... so discussions of his plumbing are ok, mine are not. I never got the guy-handbook, but I bet that would make sense to other men.

*see, my life does not revolve around babymaking - if it did, I'd have known exactly what he was asking me.

**and, really, shouldn't he know that I'm only on CD10, I haven't yet ovulated, and I won't know until then when I'm due for
that monthly thing? Jeez, I'm going to have to link him to my chart so he can follow along with me. And then we're going to have a talk about luteal phase length. Even my mom knows about that. (she's actually quite fascinated by that - 'exactly two weeks? really?!')


DD said...

This past weekend I wasn't feeling very well and Mr. DD got all excited 'cause he thought maybe I was pregnant. "Dude! I just ovulated last weekend!"

Clueless, clueless, clueless. Oh! And I just remembered another example, which is back in my archives: after my first IUI, my RE had "fitted" me with a condom covered sponge to keep the guys where they belong (b/c they'll slip out?) and later when I told Mr. DD I had to go pee he wanted to know how I could with the stopper "there". Yes. He. Did!

Krista said...

Hi I just found your blog. It is really really funny. I am going through the same thing and I just realized that you know that because I looked over to the side and I am on your links! Cool.

hmmm.... I'm not nearly as funny or upbeat. But it's nice to know you read it.

Here's hoping you ovulate when your husband is in town so you don't have to test out any of those other fertility strategies