Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Still symptomatic, still special

Jeez, it is exhausting being this optmistic. Having to analyze every tweak or twinge, utterly draining. At the rate I'm going, I'll be sleeping through the second half of my 2WW.

Today, my uterus hurt. I thought it was just normal post-O ovary pain, until I realized it was more centered and not where my ovary usually is. Now, I'm not ruling out migratory ovarian syndrome*, but I'm at least 50% certain that it was indeed my uterus. Like 52% certain.**

Hmm, a sharp uterine pain. Could be implantation. Sure, it's only 4dpo, but so what? Maybe I've got an overachieving embryo in there who wanted to get the good seats and implanted early. It could happen. I mean, everything I've read says that implantation typically happens at 7-10dpo... but I'm not usually typical when it comes to this stuff. I'm special.

Besides, when I consulted doctor Google, I learned that implantation is a process. Apparently it is not as simple as the swimmer-impregnated egg reaching the welcoming arms of the uterus, and diving right in. It takes days. So that 7-10 day thing, is that when implantation starts? Ends? Dr. Google didn't tell me that. Which means, I get to make up whatever I want. So I've assigned a 3-day timeline to this whole implantation process. Meaning, that implantation that typically occurs on day 7 actually starts on.. oh gosh - day 4!! Just like me!!

*yeah, i made that one up. as far as i know, ovaries can't migrate. still, like i said, i'm not ruling it out. with my history i do have to consider every possibility and the impossibilities too.

**i'm also 23% certain it is indeed some new and unheard-of condition (like.. oh.. migratory ovarian syndrome). 18% of me is in a clomid-induced haze and doesn't care, the final 7% just wants to know when the brownies will start arriving again.

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B said...

mmmm... brownies!!! Are you bringing some over?? B/c since CB showed up, I am sooo binging.