Friday, August 04, 2006

No HCG, No Ode.

Well, the morning sickness is gone. I'm not creative enough to come up with a good-bye poem (that would be an ode, probably. Ode to HCG.). At the moment, my house could use some attention and it's hard to be creative with dishes in the sink... Once again, I've gotten sidetracked. Back to my vanishing nausea.

In a weird way, I miss it. Certainly gave me enough fodder for writing, and some great jokes. Plus I could say "I feel pregnant" without all that pesky worry of whether or not it was all in my head. Because, you know, it wasn't. Any future nausea could potentially be interpreted as a real. live. sign. Well, it could be, except I'm pretty good at creating psychosomatic symptoms if I have to. And I get nauseous when I'm nervous or overly excited. Or depressed. Or any of the other emotions that cycle me through the 2WW. Go figure, right? So any future symptoms will leave me wondering "am I p-word?" (Pregnant, psychotic, take your pick, either will work)

I do still have sore boobies. A few months back, I noticed that for the first time, and naturally got all excited. Since then, I've noticed that happens every 2WW. Tho my Ta-Ta's are big girls, they are unusually sensitive to hormones. Probably I should have been clued in when they over-reacted to puberty, but I wasn't. Come to think of it, a lot of me overreacted to puberty. And it could be that I didn't notice the Ta-Ta sensitivity because I was never in the habit of poking the girls. Until recently. That might explain why they're shrinking lately. I'm torturing them two weeks out of each month, so they're running away. Which is ok with me - don't tell them, but I have plans to replace 'em some day.

If only fertility were as guaranteed as cosmetic surgery. If I want new girls, I go to my doctor, pay him money, he puts in new ones - which actually implant! And stay! Hot damn, that's the way to do it!


DD said...

I never had any pregnancy signs until 14dpo...exactly. So I'm hoping with you that the lack of signs is the HcG going bye-bye and the next time you notice will be 14dpo.

Kris said...

Thanks for your comment on my post.

The wait is awful- the ups and downs and "symptoms"- real or imagined. I've tortured my... er... "healthy" girls too, but unfortunately they don't seem to be running away at all. Stubborn bitches.

Erin said...

Waiting sucks. I can convince myself that every little thing that happens in my body is a pregnancy symptoms. "Oh look, I yawned! I must be fatigued and, you know, I was really fatigued when I was pregnant with P. So I must be pregnant now." It's just one more way the brain messes with the body.

B said...

Hot damn! Sign me up, too! But I'm sorry about no symptoms. Come on, body, make her naseauted... come on!!