Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yet another thing I didn't learn in health class..

Way back when, I learned the average period lasts 4-6 days. I am so not average. I'm special. I used to be average, but it seems that as I aged matured blossomed, and as I grew increasingly addicted to these nifty drugs, things changed. I am on CD8. Five days of a slightly heavy period if you define slightly heavy as "grab the sandbags, men, she's flooding!" and then three days of spotting. Now if the last three days don't count, then I'm still in normal range. If it's normal to be lining your drawers with sandbags.

But, since I am Suzy-Sunshine, here's my newest theory on why it's good that my period reminds me of the shower scene in Psycho: that estrogen must really have made a difference if it's taking this long to evict. Can you imagine what it's going to be like when we have a really good lining* and the IUI fails? I'll be building an ark just to get away from my bathroom.

OK, that last part was maybe a little gross.

People, the truth is not always pretty.

*as opposed to 'acceptable'


DD said...

My periods have always been just like that, but now my cycles are longer. What the hell????

And I can't believe you are slamming the Duggars! I think her fertility is tied to her hair. You know, like Samson.

No amount of backcombing and hairspray can bring back the 80s, Mamma Duggar. Let it go!

B said...

Um... that's me. All. the. time, thankyouverymuch. Good times, baby, goodtimes...

~r said...

crap, do you mean this is normal??!

.. dd, I'm growing my hair as fast as I can in the hopes it will enhance my fertility, but I will never be able to achieve that Duggar-y style. I just don't have enough hair. Or hairspray.

Kris said...

Pfft. Health class. What did they know? If they were correct, I should raising the Von Trapp family by now.