Sunday, August 13, 2006

Still waiting...

for AF. Should be soon, my temp has dropped like a rock. That downward curve turned into a jump off a cliff yesterday. I decided it would not be in my best interests to jump off that cliff also, so.. I picked myself up and started imagining the Oreos I'd be eating in just a few short hours. Say it with me: Mmmm... Oreos...

And then AF didn't show, so the Oreos are still in the imagining stage. My temp is still way down today, so I figure I've only got a few more hours til I'm gorging myself on some sugary goodness. Yay for sugary goodness!

If I even want it by then. I'm still feeling queasy several times a day. It fits with my mood, too. Yesterday I was so PMS-y that my head spun around backwards and I started screaming in some weird language I don't speak. This nausea must be that pea soup I've never eaten just straining to make my weirdness complete. No, I am not p-word (pregnant, psychotic, possessed... the list just keeps getting longer), but I am still all hopped up on artificial hormones, and artificially-enhanced natural hormones.

Which brings me to my one Suzy-Sunshine silver lining to this being a new cycle: I will not need those drugs. No, I'm not so insanely optimistic that I'm convinced that my hormonal weirdness is a sign from the universe that I should go drug-free and then (and only then) will we have a successful cycle... B is leaving this week for a month. No B, no chance for conception, no need for the Exorcist-drugs. Not as cool as giving up the drugs because we had a successful cycle, but I need a break so bad I'll take what I can get. Isn't that a recurring theme of infertility? take what you can get?

Screw that, I'm happy about this one. I'll take it.

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Erin said...

So sorry that the cycle was a bust, but I know that having a cycle off can be HUGE. Our cycle off last month gave me such a renewed ability to keep going through this. And the lack of side effects was awfully nice, too!

Enjoy the Oreos--I hope the nausea goes away.