Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm out of the closet...... again.

I'm coming clean about my lurking habits.

I've added some new links on the side over there --------------->

I've tried to rearrange 'em alphabetically, so I hope I didn't lose anyone - if you've suddenly disappeared from my sidebar, it's probably my lack of technical ability and not a commentary on your blog... let me know if you don't see yourself there any more and I'll fix it.

I would add the rest of the blogs that I lurk, but blogger's being cranky and keeps making me sign in for every little change. Since that makes ME cranky, I quit before I was done. Persistence is not one of my virtues, unless it involves reproductive persistence. For that, I'm worse than a starving dog with a bone. I thought about just not saving my changes periodically, but that leaves me wide open to a bigger frustration.

I also am too frustrated to email the new links and let them know I've added them, like I usually do so I may have just committed a breach of blogging ettiquette. I don't think it's that bad, but you never know. So if you see yourself on my sidebar, and you don't want yourself there, drop me a line and I'll fix it as soon as blogger stops being finicky. Really, I'm going to be lurking you anyway, it's just a question of if I'm lurking publicly or not... and since my favorites list on my browser is getting distressingly long, it's easier to park everything here rather than there.

There's a good chance I'll add a real post later, but I've promised the G a trip to the park today, and his morning Mi'Mouse cartoon is almost over.. so I should probably get out of my PJ's and act productive for a little while.

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