Monday, August 14, 2006

It's the end of the cycle as we know it...

... and I feel sick.

OK, so technically it's the beginning of a cycle, but that just didn't fit with the song.

Tho I do feel sick.

I got my Oreos last night. And I did, indeed, suck down nearly the full bag. The only reason I didn't eat ALL of the cookies is 'cause I had to share. My son just doesn't understand "Mommy's Menstrual Cookies". He will when he's older. Three is just a bit young to introduce him to the concept that life is not fair and that he's likely to lose one of his precious little fingers if they wander too close to the cookies that Mommy is desperately inhaling.

Damn, they were good.

And I'm really paying for them now.

Metformin causes "gastrointestinal side effects".. mostly, I'm past that stage. I relive it whenever I eat too much sugar, or fat. That greasy-pizza-with-Oreos-for-dessert combination that seemed so perfect last night? Maybe not so smart. Still worth today's pain. Besides, if my guts are unhappy, it distracts me from my cramps. Positive thinking, people, positive thinking!

And OMG, I have cramps. I'll blame them on the clomid, too, because.. well, I never really used to get cramps. (No need to throw things at me, I'm making up for it now). I used to be one of those girls you love to hate - absolutely guaranteed only-4-days period with a little backache, no cramps, and no real risk of accidents because, well, it was a light 4-day period.

God, if you're reading my blog again, I'd like you to know I miss those days. This whole take-my-breath-away pain is really just adding insult to injury when you consider that CD1 already makes me miserable, ya know?

My how things have changed.

I think it's karma biting me in the arse for rolling my eyes one too many times when friends would complain about cramps (or worse yet, take to their beds to sleep off the pain, which I considered the height of wussiness. Damn, I was pretty smug).

I slept last night sandwiched between my heating pad (on top of me for the cramps) and a towel (underneath me to protect my white sheets). See, I've learned. I got awfully tired of bleaching my sheets month after month because those vicious cramps, they mean business.

'S ok, I'm not p-word (pregnant, that is... psychotic and possessed are still debatable) so... bring on the good drugs!


B said...

oh, hun! I'm so sorry. Its encouraging to hear your up-beat positive attitude (albeit with a side of snark;)). {{hugs}}

DD said...

Apparently I am all the P-words, but the one. Blech.