Friday, August 11, 2006

A two-fer

Thanks for the comments on my last post - it helps to know I'm not nuts or oversensitive. And I'm in a much better mood - thank God for clomid mood swings. What goes down must come up. Usually quickly.

So... I talked to my mom today. She told me that she found out her next-door neighbor had her second child by IUI*. Mom was really cute - she said to me "When she told me that, I had to ask her how many follicles she had"**

It was really hard not to laugh about that. I'm pretty sure that six months ago my mother didn't know what a follicle was. And now she knows enough to ask about them.

My mom.. the uberfertile.. discussing follicles. Brings a tear to my eye.

*i would love to know how that subject came about.

**she had five - mom was most reassured that five follicles can produce a single baby.


DD said...

That's pretty admirable of your Mom. When I tried to explain that we were going to have a retrieval done, somehow it turned into the family rumor that I was having tumors removed.

It was kind of hard explaining why we were then putting the tumors back in...

Kris said...

My mom is an uberfertile, too. And I got "the talk" in hushed tones. Now she knows all kinds of stuff she never imagined.